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English II Career Research

Your job is to research on a career of your choice and on a school. You do not have to research on a college, but you must look into further education after high school.

Below you will find links to career research sites, to college research sites, and to the MLA Handbook.

You may have 2 Internet sources on your career and 2 on your college. You must have an interview as one source. Look for one magazine source for modern, up-to-date information. Then, you will need at least 2 reference book sources. Refer to your packet for more specific details and guidelines.

Refer to the MLA Handbook for guidelines on preparing bibliographies.

** You must print all information that you use from the Internet.

Before you print, go to "File" - "Page Setup."
Look at the bottom of the window and make sure that you have checked:
Header:  "Document Title"     and       "Document Location"
Footer:  "Page Number"      "Page Total"      "Date Printed"

**All of this information needs to be printed on each page that you use from the Internet.
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Research Identification
Facts You Need to Know
The Mechanics of Research
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