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How did it go? Did you get funny looks? Did they call for a counselor, for the men with the straight jackets? Maybe we should make a POTATO CITY TIMES and get a reporter on the scene for that tragic moment when Meaghan's cat mangled her potato person. Our first potato funeral. Wear black tomorrow.

Current Homework Assignments:

Ten Pages a Week. You can do it. Go Rocky. (A little music from Rocky here, long shot from the steps) Anyone willing to write a parody of the Beatles "Eight Days a Week"?

Ooo I need your love babe,
Guess you know it's true
Hope you need my love, baby
Just like I need you
HOld me, Love me
Hold me, Love me
Aint got nothing to love, girl
Eight days a week.

Eight days a week
I loooooooove you
Eight days a week
It's not enough to show I care

That's all I can remember. Look the rest up on the internet.

Read The Seed People. Whatdoyathink? Think about all the stuff it models--Point of View, much we learn in so short a space of time. Simple language but many layers.

Run out of stuff to write about??? NEVER! Try these ideas from A WRiter's Book of Days: A Spirited Companion & Lively Muse for the Writing Life:

Sept 10: Write about a time omeone went too far.
Sept 11: I don't remember...
Setp 12: In a cemetary...
Sept 13:  There's a bar in Austin, Texas called "Jakes's Place"
Sept 14: Write about someone who sinned
Sept 15: For as long as she lives, and probably longer, she will never forget his face.
Sept 16: Write about something you would do differently.
Sept 17: Write about a purchase.
Sept 18: It's raining now.
Sept 19: Write about a time womeone lost control
Sept 20: Accept loss forever (after Jack Kerouac)
Sept 21: Write a daydream
Sept 22: "In the blue night frost haze... (after Gary Snyder)

Upcoming writing topics:

Unreliable Narrators
Conflict: Make those babies suffer!
Point of View
Dialogue:  Start listening to those coversations. Can you sound like an adult? Like a parent? Like a two year old? Like a jock? Like the most vacant teenager you know? Like the most sophisticated? When you watch TV, listen to people's language--how does it reflect the character? How could you do that on a page where your reader can't hear inflection?

Quotes to save forever in those marbled pages of your journal

"The unconscious creates, the ego edits." Stanley Kunitz
"To write simply is as difficult as to be good" W. Sumerset Maugham
"Kill all your darlings" William Faulkner
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