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15. Woche


You will need family member photos in class all week! Bring in family photos to describe your family. If you do not want to bring in actual photos, you may scan them, or bring in pictures from magazines. You will have to have enough to talk about all family members and be able to use the possessive adjectives "mein/e","dein/e", "ihr/e" and "sein/e", as well as vocabulary to practice other descriptors (hair color, eye color, etc.)

The Family Tree Project

Individual Project - Level 1
Theme: Family Trees
Functions: Taking about and describing family members
Vocabulary: Family, descriptive adjectives, possessive “my”


Project: You will present on poster, no smaller or larger than 1/4 of the poster board. This will make it easier when you do your oral presentation.

You may scan family photos, you may cut “people from a magazine, or you may take pictures from the internet. If you use real family pictures, there is a possibility that these will not be returned to you.

Instructions: All the information on the project should be typed in the target language beneath the picture. Dates of birth should be given according to target language style and the months should be written in the target language as well. You need to go back as far as your grandparents, showing aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters. Possessives must be used with all family members. Additionally you will need to write a short caption underneather each picture that

says something about appearance,
or activity the person likes to do. Be sure to vary what you say under each picture.

Presentation: You need to present your “family tree” to the class for one minute, in the target language, talking about family members with regard to age, appearance and interests.

Creativity and Neatness: Please be as neat and creative as possible. You may print and paste from the internet or magazines, or you may draw. The choice is yours.

Due Date: December 3, 2001 This will be a test grade. Presentations will begin on the 5th of December. Order of presentation will be by drawing a number and a date.

Montag, den 26. November – Bringt eure Bücher mit!

Activities in the class will include:

1. Talking about and describing family members.
2. Review mein/e; dein/e; sein/e; ihr/e.
3. #23 in text..
4. Learn phrases in "So sagt man das!" - pg. 80 of text.
5. Listening #20 from text, page 78.

6. HW: Study for quiz on Tuesday, rest of family members. This will be due the Tuesday after Erntendankfestpause = Thanksgiving break. Write out #17, on page 26 of G&V.

Dienstag, den 27. November – Bringt eure Bücher mit!

Activities in the class will include:

1. Check homework, number 17, G&V pages.
2. Partnerarbeit to practice family members / mein / dein / sein/ ihr.
3. Quiz today on rest of family nouns.
4. Activity #26 to practice descriptive words and using pictures, pg. 80.
5. Listening #22, text p. 79, family members and numbers.

HW: From textbook, on page 78, write out activity 21 using “mein” and “dein” with the correct endings. Write out entirely, and highlight the words you added.

Mittwoch, den 28. November – Bringt eure Bücher mit!

Activities in the class will include:
1. Check homework - #21, from textbook, pg. 78.
2. Review vocabulary on describing people. Quiz on Thursday.1
3. Partnerarbeit to describe people, using vocabulary words.

HW: Quiz on rest of Chap. 3 vocabulary on Thursday. Write out #18, 19, and #20. We will be doing a review in class on Thursday, and there will be a test on Friday on chapter 3.

Donnerstag, den 29. November – Bringt eure Bücher mit!

Activities in the class will include:

1. Check homework, #18-20, G&V, page 27.
2. Listening - #4 from text, pg.84, and #7, pg. 85.
3. Zum Lesen – text – pp. 82-83.
4. Relearn numbers from 21 - 100.

HW: Study for Chap. 3 – major test.

Freitag, den 30. November – Bringt eure Bücher mit!

Activities in the class will include:
1. Test – Chapter 3.
2. Preview video for Chapter 4 – Los Geht’s, pp. 94-95. HW: Pg. 96 Actitities – 1.) in English, 2.) in German, 3.) if stimmt nicht, correct, 4.) just match the number and the letter, 5.) Write out the story summary entirely.

Ich wünsche Euch "Alles Gute"
Frau Day


There is a link below that provides interactive on-line activities related to your text, Komm mit! The keywords (passwords) to be able to use the activities with specific chapters is as follows:

Location and Chapter Keyword

Brandenburg - Chapters 1-2-3
WKO Brandenburg

Schleswig-Holstein - Chapters 4-5-6
WKO Schleswig-Holstein

Munich - Chapters 7-8-9
WKO Muenchen
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3-3 Komm mit! Level 1 Family members
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