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Taylor High School/ English Dept. 3rd 6wks King Arthur Unit
English II King Arthur Internet Research

Below you will find Internet sites that will link you to information about King Arthur.
You will search all of the sites until you complete the King Arthur Internet Research questions in your packet.
Sites #1 - #5 are required. Others are optional.
The Enrichment Sites are not required.
You may like to investigate the Enrichment Site: "Heraldry on the Internet" to help you complete your coat-of-arms.

Once the site has loaded, you will see its home page. It will contain hypertexts links to other pages. The new links will either be underlined, in a different color, or may have an icon.
Once you finish with a page and wish to return to this English II, Regular home page, just click "back" until you get to the page you want.
Continue linking to all of the pages until you have all information you need

Happy Searching!!

When you finish with the Internet Activity, you may return to this site to complete activities to help you prepare for the Major King Arthur Test. Each activity offers three methods of play: flashcards, matching, or concentration.
Game 1 - King Arthur Quiz Bowl
Game 2 - King Arthur Vocabulary
Game 3 - King Arthur Identification
Game 4 - King Arthur Literary Terms
My Quia activities and quizzes
King Arthur Quiz Bowl
King Arthur Vocabulary
King Arthur Identification
King Arthur Literary Terms
Useful links
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