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Test Chapter 15 --> 5/24/11
Please take a look at the Chapter 15 NtK Study Guide. Pay special attention to the essay question, and PRACTICE what you will write before you walk in for the test. To study for the essay question begin with section 2 of chapter 15 of the book and/or your section 2 notes, if you are arguing against evolution, the videos in the resources section on this page will help you immensely. Make sure your argument is scientific in nature. Feel free to take a look at the previous days' activities below if you need help understanding any concepts. Also please take the Evolution Practice Test below to test your knowledge.

Previous Days' Activities:
4/27/11-->4/28/11 Modeling Natural Selection: The Woolybooger Survival Game
We will spend 2 days in the lab modeling natural selection following through, and filling out the Woolybooger Worksheet.

5/29/11-->5/2/11 Web Activity: Sex and the Single Guppy
We will work through the web activity Sex and the Single Guppy while filling out the accompanying worksheet. This activity is meant to give the kids a more thorough understanding of natural selection, and shows how natural selection can favor different traits depending on habitat pressures.

5/3/11 15.1 Notes
We will take some notes today to reflect on, and emphasize the information covered in the activities the last few days. We will cover the definition of evolution, and take special note of Darwin's book, On The Origin of Species By Natural Selection and the Preservation of Favoured Races. We will spend some time discussing the main points Darwin made within this book. We will also spend some time discussing Natural Selection and its understanding in evolution today. 15.1 notes can be found in the resources section of this page.

5/4/11 - 5/5/11 Icons of Evolution
Today we will watch Icons of Evolution which can be found in the resources section of this webpage.

5/9/11-->5/10/11 Topic: Fossils in Rock Strata
We worked through an activity called Understanding Geologic Time. We began with an activity named Sequencing Time using the Timeline Handout, which introduces the process by which geologists have set up the current model for geological time. Using the Understanding Geologic Time Worksheet we worked through the web-based activity Understanding Geologic Time and answered all the questions, also answering questions about the video clips on the Cambrian Explosion found in the resources section on this webpage.
지질 학적 시간의 이해
Entendimento Geologic Time

5/11/11-->5/12/11 Topic: Transitional Species
Today we worked through an activity exploring Transitional Species. We worked through the interactive flash program and took notes and printed them. Then, we read an article and wrote a short essay using both our notes and the article. Additionally, we read the following article and incorporated it into our essay: http://www.evolutionnews.org/2008/09/the_rise_and_fall_of_tiktaalik.html
Click here for a rubric explaining the information I will be looking for in your writing assignment.

5/16/11 Topic: Homology Today we worked through the activity Understanding Homology and Analology. We filled out the Understanding Homology and Analogy Worksheet as we moved through the activity. We spent some time reviewing Homology and Analogy with the Homology or Analogy? group activity. To finish the worksheet we watched the video listed as Homology in the reference section of this webpage.

Another link for more information about homology.
Transcript: Evidence of Evolution: Homolgy
진화에 대한 이해 : homology와 유추페이지의 오른쪽 하단
Entendimento Homologia e Analogia parte inferior direita da página web

5/17/11 and 5/18/11 Topic: Biogeography, Vestigial Structures, Biological Molecules, and Phylogeny
We worked through this Evidence of Evolution Worksheet answering questions about the topics above. We used our textbooks, classroom books and alternative textbooks available, as well as the internet to answer all of the questions. Once finished we took the Evolution Retention Test to see how well we have all absorbed the information of the last couple weeks.

5/19/11 and 5/20/11
We took some notes over section 2 and spent some time reviewing the concepts that were not well absorbed as indicated by the retention test. Also taking some time to review and prepare for the test.

5/23/11We watched the first portion of the video, "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" which can be found in the resources section of this page while practicing and reviewing our essays for the test.

Chapter 15 Resources
                          Icons of Evolution        Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Investigating Evolution
           Embryology                            Galapagos Finches              Four-Winged Fruit Flies
Antibiotic Resistance                  Cambrian Explosion Part 1                          Part 2


Design Inteligente

Chapter 15 Notes

15.1 History of Evolutionary Thought

15.2 Evidence of Evolution

Biology Book Website.

Website Username: bioonline
Password: s4y4

Extra credit opportunity available.

For Extra Credit: Find an article in a current newspaper or magazine involving genetics. Either clip out a copy of the article, or make a copy. Then, write a brief summary (at least 1 paragraph) of the article sufficiently showing you understanding of the material covered in the article. Staple the article to your summary with your name.
An article without a summary will be given NO points! Internet articles may only come from news sources(a search of Google News for example). Note, I do not give away free points easily, thus 10 points requires that you demonstrate a thorough understanding of the article you have read.
See me if you have any questions, or email me @ lmoll@usd271.k12.ks.us.

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