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This second visit to the site is to help you to remember how to speak about things that happened in the past. That was the work of all of Spanish II and you will probably need some help. Learning to speak about the past is difficult because Spanish has two past tenses (!) and one of them, the preterite, has lots of irregularities. You can get help by going to studyspanish.com.

Let's begin by reviewing the preterite in all its forms: a) the regular endings for -ar verbs, b) the regular endings for -er/ir verbs, c) the spelling change verbs, d) the stem-changers, d) the irregular verbs ser, ir, dar, & ver, e) the irregulars hacer, venir, querer, and finally f) the verbs estar, poner, poder, saber, and tener.

When you think you finally have mastery, take the real quiz and your scores will be reported to me.

Early finishers can earn extra credit by doing the web activity outlined on the handout I gave you in class on Caracas, Venezuela.

For fun, go to this site and learn new words to La Cucaracha. Don't let me catch you on this site if you haven't taken the session quiz on the preterite!

Diviértanse! Accentos function keys list Here are the key combos to get accent marks if you need them.Hold down the right ALT key while you type the four numbers. á ALT 0225, é ALT 0233, í ALT 0237, ó ALT 0243, ú ALT 0250 ñ ALT 0241, ¡ ALT 0161, ¿ ALT 0191, Á ALT 0193, É ALT 0201, Í ALT 0205, Ó ALT 0211, Ú ALT 0218
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