timberwolves Mr. Stone
Dumas Junior High Team 8-1..Timberwolves Science Teacher for the Timberwolvwes
This is the cool science website for our team!!  It will contain your long term schedule, homework reminders, team news, notice of great achievements on our team, science links to the web, and even a chance to take review quizzes before test time.  You can contact me directly or email me with suggestions or comments.    2003-2004 is going to be awesome!!!!!!  We're on the down side of the hill now.  Do your best for TAKS!

Schedule for 2-16 to 2-20-2004
Monday:    Holiday
Tuesday:   Slinky lab
Wednesday: Review and surprise.
Thursday:  Test Earth Movement
Friday:    Intro to environmental problems/Ice Walk

Sign in and take the quizzes on space, universe, and solar system.  Prepare for the test without stress!

My Quia activities and quizzes
The Atom
Space-Solar System
Fossils 101
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Useful links
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