timcanspanish Señora Navarrette
Timberline Elem./Cannon Elem. Elem. Spanish teacher

Important Information for Parents/Guardians of students at Timberline Elem. and Cannon Elem.

Welcome to the second semester of the 2000 - 2001 school year. I am pleased with my students' learning. This semester we will be covering the following topics and vocabulary:

Grades 3-5
Members of the Family
Rooms in the House and Furniture
Classroom Objects

Grades 1-2
Members of the immediate Family
Limited list of furniture words
Limited list of classroom objects

Because I see the students for a limited amount of time, I would like to be able to provide them with an opportunity to do some independent study outside the classroom. This is the main purpose for my web page, hopefully it will help your child. So, scroll down to the games listed, click on the one you would like to play and have fun reviewing your Español.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Dias de la semana
For grades 3-5. Practice days of the Week in Spanish.
¿Que tiempo hace hoy?
For grades 3-5. Practice types of weather and their meanings.
Las estaciones (Seasons)
For grades 3-5. Practice seasons in Spanish.
Numeros 0-10
For grades 1&2. Practice numbers 1-10, in order.
Numeros 11-20
For grades l&2. Practice number ll-15, in order.
Dias de la semana. (Days of the Week)
For grades 3-5. Practice days of the week, in order.
Los meses del año.
For grades 3-5. Practice months of the year, in order.
La familia
For grades 3-5. Practice Spanish words for family members.
La familia
Grades 3-5. Practice putting your family tree in order using Spanish vocabulary.
Objectos de la clase - Classroom objects
Grades 3-5. Practice your Spanish classroom objects.
La Casa - The House
For grades 3-5. Identify rooms in the house and furniture.
Objectos de la clase - Classroom objects.
Unscramble your Spanish classroom objects.
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