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I am writing about the cons of Abortion

            The Cons of Abortion

Many people believe in a women’s right to choose whether to have an abortion or not in times of unexpected pregnancy, but this choice can often harm the baby and the child. It is often believed that at the time of abortion the baby is not yet alive, but this can be proven against. At the time of abortions it is like killing an alive human being, this along with the health issue  should restrict the right to choose.
1.6 million abortions are being performed every year in the United Sates alone. (The abortion Battle Book) Most of these abortions are performed 2 months after fertilization, before 28 days only unreliable tests can be taken. The first reliable pregnancy test can be taken at 8 weeks. At this time (www.angelfire.com) the baby has a beating heart , brain waves can be monitored and the baby has arms, legs, fingers and toes. The baby at this time has many of the organs and appendages found in adults and children, so it is considered alive.
Another debate for the right to choose is that the fetus cannot feel pain at the time of abortion. As stated above abortions are performed 2 months and later after fertilization. The fetus is able to feel pain at 13.5 weeks old at the latest and 2 to 8 weeks at the earliest. Also looking at a woman’s egg or a mans sperm you can see living cells, which come together to create a living fetus. 
Abortions are not only the killing of a live human being but also can result in health issues. Abortions can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, which is shown to result 30% of the time. It can also lead to the damage of the cervix or a punctured womb, which can cause later miscarriages, premature births or unexpected bleeding. In a survey , at least 100 women die from legal abortions every year in the United States alone.
Abortion is much overused as a form of birth control. Today 28 years after abortion was legalized in the Supreme Court, 30 million + abortions have been performed. Also in just three decades abortions have increased 800 percent, (Facts Of Life) Of all the abortions in a year only 10,600 of these were hard case abortions, or pregnancies resulting from rape, incest or performed because of health issues. 1,547,400 a year are  “lifestyle” abortions which include pregnancies from unprotected sex, or any unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. So the act of abortion is not only murder but it can result in the death of the mother or serious health complications both right after the procedure or in the future.

The New Jeep Liberty, is it worth it?
Jeep’s  designers set out to make an SUV capturing all of their original vehicles. They wanted to include the CJ’s the YJ’s (1987-1996 Wrangler models)  and the TJ’s (1997- present Wrangler models. Designers such as Bob Boniface said, “We wanted to capture the heritage of the original military vehicle. So the Next Great Jeep was the Liberty appearing in showrooms in winter 2001.

The first aspect the Jeep designers who headed the Liberty put together was the appearance. Round headlights were integral from the start, the traditional seven slate grille and the headlamp forms were many of the aspects that were a must. The wide wheel flares which bring back the old vehicle and also bring capability strength and power to the design. The high roofline ends at the rear-mounted spare tire. “ We could have lowered the roofline , but we wanted to create the idea of spaciousness.” said Boniface.
Next the Jeep worked on its off-road capabilities. Riding on the Rubicon trail. With the all-new independent front suspension (IFS ) and 8 inches of suspension travel the Liberty was top-dog even before production. Then the designers brought in a snaggle-free undercarriage. Also the cast iron makeup of the control arms is designed to with stand any heavy-duty driving. The front and rear sway bars are tucked up and also covered up all wires and cables allowing for the snaggle-free bottom. Along with the IFS system the Liberty has reduced the friction and heat caused by the mono-tube front shock. Then when your ready to move of mountain roads to smooth pavement, the all new liberty gives you rack-and-pinion steering and refined handling to allow any type of driving enjoyable.
Next came the interior of the Liberty. The circular doors pull curves practically into your hands. The high sculpted interior and spiciness makes the inside just as appealing as the outside. The interior is sculpted in order to give the feeling of spaciousness. The door-trim panels add class. The air gauges allow for airflow throughout the car and the supportive front seats give comfort in any type of road. You can choose from cloth or leather seats and all other interior options allow for a range of different choice for your car. The swing out tailgate leaves room for 32 cubic feet of cargo room. The swing-gate opens with a pull of a handle and the flip p glass window allows again for airflow. The floor is also lower and the roof is higher than any other jeep in its class, making it the most spacious yet.
Next in order to make the engine roar and the body structure strong the designers had to use light sheet-metal. 70 percent of the sheet metal is high-strength. Its uniframe design is a pair of huge frame rails that run the length of the undercarriage, and help to bear suspension loads directly. The 3.7-liter Liberty also includes Selec-Trac and transfer allowing for quick acceleration.
Next the Liberty comes in both V-6 and V-8 engines . It has a 50000 pound towing capacity and 4000-pound curb weight place. “he engine modifications allow for this liberty to be the stiffest jeep ever, even more that the WJ Grand Cherokee .” Says Boniface. The four-wheel drive is equipped with both high and low range. Also the available 210-horsepower gives extra power into the new Liberty. The 2.7L standard Power tech V6 engine  also allow Liberty speed and mobility. Along with a healthy output of 210 horse power and 225 pound-feet of torque, and anti-lock brakes  and the al-new suspension system bring a legendary car to the ,market.
Safety is also a key when designing the Liberty. The strong uniframe is 20 percent larger than those found in any other Jeep and the 20 feet of laser wielding gives for a sturdy frame. Next the High and Low options of Four wheel drive give increased idle speed and better handling on slick roads and almost any other type of surface. Anti-lock braking system is another added safety feature. Child Locks and window locks another must in The Liberty. The inner body panels are made to improve dimensional accuracy and reduce weight.
Jeeps stunning design and great handling have been a save throughout the years . From its military SUV’s up too its Jeep Grand Cherokees. The new Liberty has exceeded expectations in safety and comfort. A perfect car for any driver looking for a little fun and power.
The Liberty is loaded with features from its sturdy frame, to its slick exterior and spacious interior. So with this loaded SUV you can expect to pay between $18,000 and $26,000. But this comfy car is well worth the cost.
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