tjnightelectionpba Johanna
  Social Studies--TJ Night High School
You have found a Government PBA which can provide you with one KP, one CT, and one EC.

The way it is set up is to help out those of you who may not have a clue about Elections.  As you see below, there are some activities you can use to prepare yourself for the almighty task.  

It is recommended highly that you take the time to do so.  

When you are ready, you need to contact Johanna to set up an appointment to get the necessary materials.  She can be reached either at the email site above or at Kanesville High School, 328-6510.  

1. Political Parties Vocabulary Quiz
2. Reading/Worksheets
3. Exam (very short)
4. Elections Vocabulary Quiz
5. Reading/Worksheets
6. Exam (very short)

The Vocabulary reviews and quizzes/exams shall be attached to this page in the very near future.

For the time being, please just contact Johanna.
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