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Directions: All activities can be found on Important web sites are listed at the bottom of the activities page.

Activity #1    Chapters

       Every student in the class has been assigned a chapter in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. You are expected to be an "expert" on your particular chapter lead the class discussion using the study guide questions. You also will explain the allusions in the chapter.
       In order to develop your expertise, you will need to do some research on the site described as "Student survival guide"  listed below. Click on this web site and then on your assigned chapter number. You will find all the information you will need to know to become an "expert" on your chapter if you follow the highlighted links.

Activity #2    Background

      Knowledge of the background of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD will help you understand and appreciate the novel better.  Your group has been assigned a topic to research. Click on the web sites described below for your topic. Once you have found all your information, list at least FIVE important aspects (facts, highlights etc.) of your topic, and connect each piece of information to the novel.Be prepared to share your findings with the class.
          Harper Lee- Harper Lee background
                      Background, setting, themes etc.
                      H.Lee bio, Monroeville etc.

          Maycomb (Monroeville)- Background, setting etc.
                                H.Lee bio, Monroeville etc.
          Scottsboro Five-Scottsboro boys
                          Background, setting, themes etc.

Activity #3   Open Response

       Setting is paramount in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Time (the Depression) and place (the South) have been captured in some powerful photographs taken during those times.  Click on to the web site described as "Photographs-Depression/Discrimination in the South." Follow Related Links to both Arthur Rothstein and the on-line exhibition of the Library of Congress gallery. You will see a series of pictures depicting the hardships of the times.  The ones on record at the Library of Congress show strong evidence of discrimination against black people.  Maximize the size of the photographs by clicking on them. Choose the one which interests you the most.
       Keep the image on the screen as you write the following response:
            Why did you choose this particular photograph?
            What does the photograph say about the times?
            What does it say to you?
       Print your chosen photograph. Be prepared to share your reaction to it with the class.

Activity #4   Themes/Issues

       You have an assignment to write an essay on one of the themes in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. To help you choose the theme for your essay and give you the opportunity to explore the issues surrounding them, you can access some valuable information by clicking on the web site described as "Background, setting, themes, issues, symbol."  Warning- do not plagiarize.

Activity #5   Review for Unit Test

       To prepare for your unit test, quiz yourself on the web site described as "quizzes." Once on the site, click on TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Then click on "Time to Start" to begin. Be sure to answer all the questions beginning with the "easy" category. Check your answers in the question review. List the questions you have answered incorrectly along with the correct answer. We will review these in class. (You never know where or when you might see these questions again. HINT!)
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