Hard Knocks High AP Bio Stuff

I built this page because my AP Bio resources need to be publically posted on occasion. Normally I use edline.net which is not publically accessible.

Quia is a great fast and easy short-cut for teachers who cannot be bothered to build their own webpage. Great resources too, including an optional calendar to inform students of upcoming events.

here are those files Erin requested:

Transcription Translation worksheet.doc Advanced Transcription Translation worksheet.pdf updated Feb 24 2012

some genetics crosses problems for Monica: Genetics Crosses Quiz.doc

my mRNA notes for Nicole Lofgren: Modification of mRNA Transcripts.doc

some photosynthesis - respiration notes for Christie Champaign New Photosynthesis & Respiration Notes.doc

My evo-devo comparison of Human & Chimp DNA. This piece attempts to bridge the connections between homeotic genes, enhancer sequences and divergent selection. Human Chimp DNA.pdf

Some notes for Jodi DNA encodes information.pdf

Activity for the the Origins of Life - updated version that better acknowledges Pasteur & adds references to clay interfaces. Origins of Life.doc

Pasteur first phrases the homochirality problem Pasteur & Homochirality

Genetics Probability according to Suzuki & Griffiths: ...how best to make the transition from Punnett Squares to brute mathematics via "branch diagrams" or "probability trees". Suzuki & Griffiths and Probability trees

Some quick notes on Meiosis and Genetic Disorders for Susan Meiosis and Genetic Disorders.doc

... and again for Susan: a quick online karyotype lab that can be done at home Karyotype Lab.pdf

Here is a stand-alone introductory tutorial on Population Genetics in general and Hardy Weinberg in particular... i.e. a quick online lab that can be done at home but still involves number crunching An Introduction to Population Genetics & Hardy Weinberg.pdf

for Erin: a suite of stand-alone tutorials on gene linkage that can be done at home - one quiz also included:

Chromosomes and Mendelism.pdf

LINKED-GENES tutorial.pdf

Deriving Linkage Distance and Gene Order From Three Loci.doc

... and finally that promised quiz I posted earlier: Genetics Crosses Quiz.doc

Regarding my preferred species in genetics cross questions: Mugwumps are a species of Western Canadian Sasquatch that thrive on Kokanee Beer. For the benefit of noncognoscenti - may I just add that Kokanee Beer is far superiour to its ersatz "Coors" imitator.

Please forgive this spontaneous but unsolicted outburst of "Canadian Chauvinism"... ;-)

Mugwumps in their natural habitat

for Robert & Marilyn: a suite of three stand-alone tutorials on chromosome indels & evolution. This suite attempts to bridge the connections between homeotic genes, enhancer sequences chromosomal indel events and adaptive radiation of great apes. The first provides a very elementary broad-stroke approximation of the Bateson-Dobzhansky-Muller mechanism of reproductive isolation, subsequent to the onset of speciation, not prior. In short, if Population B is derived from Population A by an indel event; and Population C is derived from Population B by an indel event: A & B can still interbreed, C & B can still interbreed; however A & C cannot interbreed! Of course, ability or inability to interbreed was never really a good critereon to define "species". Remember that "Ring Species" (such as Larus gulls) provide important evidence of evolution in demonstrating what happens as populations genetically diverge over time .

The importance of pleiotropy and polygenenic inheritance in evolution theory is also mentioned. The suite was designed as a trio to complement each other - so I repost one assignment from above:

Zimmer's Chromosome Shuffle.pdf

Human Chimp DNA.pdf

The strange case of Oliver the Chimpanzee.pdf

I would be most remiss if I did not acknowledge my debt of gratitude to Larry Flammer and to Craig Nelson at ENSI. Their patient replies to my naive questions made possible this suite.


I really urge everybody to check out ENSI for their INTERACTIVE lessons that teach evolution and the nature of science in high school biology!


Some Botany stuff for Amy

Botany Webquest.pdf

Plant survey student.pdf

Botany Labv2010.doc

Cell Theory- the expanded version.pdf

What possibly could go wrong.doc

Pre-lab preparation for the OsmosisDiffusion lab

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