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Maple Hill High School  
Steps toward an Earth Science Project

*Prepare a new folder on your desktop to hold the pictures and text you will be collecting. Name this folder "Tornadoes". (You will be using these files to complete your Power Point Presentation.)
*To save an image, rt. clk. on the image, highlight and clk Save image as, save into the tornado on your desktop;
*To save text, highlight the desired text, rt. clk. Copy, open an office document and rt. clk. Paste.  Save this document in the tornado folder on your desktop

1.What is a tornado?  
   use link #1(definition)

2. How do tornadoes work?
   use link #2

3. How do tornadoes form?
   use link #3 (clk. on "form")

4. What is the structure of a tornado?
   use link #4

5. What is the life cycle of a tornado?
   use link #5 (the life & death of a tornado)

6. How are tornado predictions made?
   use link #6 (clk. on "forecast")

7. How are tornado forces measured?
   use link #7 (the Fujita Scale)

8. What is "Tornado Alley"?
   use link #8

9.Have there been tornadoes in the year 2000?
   use link #9 (photos & radar image maps)

Additional sites about "tornadoes" can be found by clicking  the search button in the top tool bar and typing "tornadoes" in the search window.
Useful links
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