totallygames2 saranda
  this is my new game site where ya can play games!And where ya can maybe talke a spelling test.Or a spelling game!
Hey when ya finish the game you'll c a score and give it 2 me if you got a perfect score's for the what's up at school I believe ya!If ya got a good grade in any other if your not cindy I might not believe you!!!well anyway's this is a game site for fun so I'll c ya later people's If you go 2 my school then your in luck! If you don't tuff luck their aint no helpful link's!well I'll post a rumor or what's going on this coming week!

who would fit your dream girl???
or who would fit your dream guy?
1.) If you say someone put it is
total secrecy then I wont tell!
2.)If you don't care It will be posted!
3.)your out of luck no guy's then tell me
who ya hate!
        activity Maneger!
              Saranda Vitija
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