tpmsspanish Señora Neale
Ted Polk Middle School Spanish 1A & 1B
7th grade:
Capítulo Uno and MEXICO
See games at the bottom of this page.

8th grade:
Chapter 7 and SPAIN
Remember to play the Quia activities to review your vocabulary.
Extra Credit is: Please read ALL directions
(due by 2/20 at 8 am for 6 weeks)
Go to (Link is below)
Log in using your email address and password.
Do Quiz #1 and Test #1 for Activities:

Unit VI
#63 Preterite: Part I
#65 Preterite: Part II
#68 Preterite: Part III
#70 Preterite: Part IV
#71 Preterite: Part V
#72 Preterite: Part VI

My Quia activities and quizzes
Reflexive Verbs
8th grade
Chapter 7 Vocabulary
8th grade review
Chapter 2 Vocabulary
7th grade
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