transitional1st Miss McCullough
Lakehoma Elementary  
Philosophy of Transitional 1st Grade

The Transitional first grade experience is a "gift of time" for children - a time to strengthen developmentally appropriate skills in a secure and positive environment.  The class will offer opportunities for children to explore, manipulate, and learn through the use of a wide variety of materials, learning centers, and interaction with peers and teachers.

These experiences, in a stress-free environment, will set the stage for high self-esteem and a positive learning experience so that all children can reach their full potential.


* Read nightly to an adult or older brother/sister.  Put the titles of the books read on your book list.

* Listen to an adult or older brother/sister read to you.  Look at the pictures and try to read some of the words.  Try to figure out what will happen in the story.  Put the titles of the books read to you on your book list.

* Play the game in your homework bag with someone in your family.  If you have time, play it more than once.  Try to read as much of the the book in your bag as possible.  The more you practice...the better you will get!
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