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Travel Project:  You are going on a trip to a world city. (Not inside the US!!) The assignment follows. If you want to explore a different reporting option, just let me know. click on spreadsheet to open a spreadsheet designed for this- you may print or type right on it. 1. Your task is to gather all the information you will need to have a successful vacation.  You can create a vacation plan for you and another person. For example, airfares roundtrip and schedules, local attractions, hotel info, public transport etc.  Other info you will need will include how you will get from the airport to your hotel (rental car and price or public transport) and prices for everything.  The trip is for 2 people and for 1-2 weeks and you have $7500 to spend.  You will also have to plan for meals. Your Hotel or Bed and Breakfast accomadations can be found on the web. You may also look into renting a home or a condo- whatever you choose. Your trip should also include a historical attraction and a natural attraction (beach, waterfall, rainforest, etc...) You may not choose a travel package, the idea is that you are planning a trip. You should search your city or area for details. You are going to want to find out what the local currency is and how much it is worth. You may also want to find out the prices of food and other things you will need for the vacation. Once you have chosen your city you will have to search the web for all the details of your trip. You will be given a spreadsheet to record your costs.. You will create a daily trip record to record expenses and where you plan on going and what you plan on seeing. You do not have a schedule but you do have to plan for every day. If you opt for the brochure or otheryou must create something on the computer and it should look semi-professional, it really is an advertisement for the area. Keep in mind you have a budget. You are not allowed to gamble. (Casino's are only in business b/c people lose money!!) You will turn this in on the flash drive next week. Day planner
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