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  Student Council 2000-2001
Hey all, This Is Jon Keller. I am the new 2000-2001 Farnsworth Treasurer. We had out first meeting on November 9th and it was great. Thanx for being so cooperative.

New News:
~We are planning a can drive for this week and next week. All of the procedes will be donated to charity. We hope you can bring in as many cans as you can!
~We Plan to donate in the area of $300.00 to buy food for the needy. We are used to having thanksgiving, lets give them one they'll never forget!

Treasurer's Report:
Starting from 07/01/2000 we held a balance of $3069.69.
We paid a D.J to play at the dance on 10/04/2000 and that left us with a balance of $2769.69. We bought refreshments for the dance and that left us with $2671.69. The procedes from the dance were added to our account and we now hold a current balance of $4897.69.

                                 ~Jon Keller~
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