tremmel Mrs. Tremmel
St. Mark's Episcopal School Technology Coordinator
EC and EL Computer Applications

I am the Saint Mark’s Early Childhood and Elementary Technology Coordinator. This is my 3rd year with Saint Mark’s. This year Saint Mark’s is implementing a network. With our network in place, all classrooms have internet access—a tremendous asset for enhancing and enriching classroom instruction. Students are able to access their files from any campus computer. We have upgraded to Office 2000 for the classrooms and Office XP in the labs. For Operating Systems we will be running Windows NT in the classrooms and Windows 2000 in the labs. Another added communication feature is electronic communication. All faculty and staff have an email address.

Both Early Childhood and Elementary students attend Computer Applications class once per week for 45 minutes. Our three year olds will use Jump Start Preschool, Kid Works and Kid Pix in the lab. Students in the four year year classes through fourth grade will use Kid Pix in the lab and classroom. Additionally, when appropriate developmentally, students will begin using Microsoft Office products, such as Word, Excel and Power Point. Keyboarding techniques begin with our Kindergarteners. All students learn proper computer terminology, proper use of the network how to how to use an Operating System efficiently.

Misuse of network, computer equipment/peripherals and software will affect the student’s technology privileges.
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