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Fielder Elementary summer T-REX class
We are so excited about dinosaurs! Please check out some of our favorite websites below. Have fun learning. Email Mrs. Carr if you find any other great sites.

Monday, June 12
Ask your child to explain what an owl pellet is and how it is similar to a fossil bed. Ask your child who his/her "pathfinder" is for the rest of the adventures! Please return your field trip permission slip tomorrow. It came home in your folder today!

Tuesday, June 13
Ask your child why paleontologist Robert Bakker believes the casswwary proves birds are living dinosaurs.

Wednesday, June 14
What do the teeth tell paleontologist? Ask your child to tell you about the three terms we learned today. Please bring any old newspapers you can on Thursday! WE REALLY NEED THESE!

Thursday, June 15
Ask your child to tell you about the difference between a predator and prey's vision. Your child should be able to tell you which type of dinosaurs belong in each group. We started a BIG construction project today. Ask your child about T-Rex!

Friday, June 16
We discovered NEW species of dinosaurs today! Ask your child to tell you about his/her group's dinosaur. We even had a "press conference" to share our findings! Your child should be able to tell you many things he/she has learned during our first two weeks adventures with the discovery. Please keep sending in those newspapers!

Monday, June 19
We explored dinosaur tracks today. Ask your child the difference between a "pace" and a "stride". Ask him/her how long T-Rex's stride was! They loved this!

Tuesday, June 20
We explored the different sizes of dinosaurs today. Ask your child to explain the sizes of several of the dinosaurs we did today. Which was the largest one we measured outside? Which two were the shortest we measured? Don't forget to ask your child about counterbalance, too! They should be able to tell you what it means and how it works.

Wednesday, June 21
We examined dinosaur weight today! In one of our stations, we played a "dinosaur card game". Ask your child which dinosaur defeated the other one in each round. This was a favorite station today! See if your child can list ways dinosaurs defended themselves. We are ready to paper maché our dinosaur construction project tomorrow! It should be fun!!!

Thursday, June 22
We explored the sounds dinosaurs might make and talked about clues the scientists had to make that conclusion. Ask your child about the action/noise skits we performed today! Your child brought home a dinosaur information sheet today. They will need to complete their fact finding at home. Please have them return this sheet tomorrow. Please remember our field trip to the museum is TOMORROW. We need everyone here and ready to get on the bus at 8:15 (or earlier). Please send a snack which can stay on a hot bus. We won't eat our snack until we board the bus to leave the museum...please remind your child of that! We can't wait to experience the dinosaurs with the help of a guide!

Friday, June 23
We had a great time at the Museum of Natural Science today. A huge thank you to the following parents for going with us: Mrs. Fontenelle, Mrs. Russo, Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Dillingham. Please make sure you begin to start turning in your pink camp survey forms. These came home on Friday, June 16th! Thanks!

Monday, June 26
Ask your child to explain the continental drift theory. We brought home a "flip-book" to help with this concept. We have begun to create our dinosaur costumes for Friday's celebration. If you have any empty egg cartons, please send them! Thanks!

Tuesday, June 27
Ask your child how many different theories there are concerning how the dinosaurs died.

Wednesday, June 28
We are preparing for our Celebration! Ask your child about the activities you will see on Friday. (They created our plan!)

Thursday, June 29
We created a "life-size" gameboard outside today. You can see our creation tomorrow! We have special "bonus" spaces that are taped down while we are playing. This game was lots of fun! Don't forget to visit with us tomorrow at 11:00!

Friday, June 30
We would like to thank all of you for enjoying our Celebration with us! Did you learn anything about dinosaurs? Have a great summer with your dinosaur expert.

Mrs. Carr will be adding our adventures daily!
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