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Good luck to my "Trom" students with all your studies.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Trom Mitkadmim "Fearof the classroom"(vocabulary)
Trom: Fear of the classroom. (Reading from the book)
"Fear of the classroom" Unit 1
Trom: Biofeedback (reading from the book)
Trom: "Language acquisition in children"(vocabulary)
Trom "Language acquisition in children"(vocabulary)
Trom: "Consumer psychology" (Reading from the book)
Parental influence on the development of children
Trom: "Reading requires more than words"(reading with book)
"The first casualty" Chapter 8
Trom "Teaching inventiveness" (vocabulary)
Trom: "Teaching inventiveness"(reading)
Trom: "Art in the development of subnormal children" (vocabulary)
Social work perspectives on organ procurement
(Unit 11) Social work perspectives on organ procurement - Reference questions
Conditional sentences
Prefixes and suffixes as markers of meaning
Suffixes as markers of parts of speech.
The subject of a sentence
Markers of attitude (modals)
present perfect/past simple
Present perfect
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