Prep for Spanish V (Advanced)
Northern High School
If you are interested in any activities to keep your Spanish grammar skills up to date over the summer before you start Advanced Spanish V you may look through any of these. 

There is no log in or password necessary.  Feel free to do any of the activities you want as many times as you want.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Classroom Phrases A
Classroom Phrases B
Futuro y condicional
present irregular verbs
Present spelling changes
Preterito #2
Preterito #3
Pretérito (convert FROM pret to other tenses)
Pretérito y Presente #2
Pretérito y Presente #3
Reflexive #2
Reflexive and Reciprical conjugations
Tiempos perfectos
Voz pasivo
Subjuntivo (formas)
3 tiempos basicos-reg y irreg
5 tiempos basicos
Stem Changing verbs present tense
Stem Changing verbs present tense B
Subjuntivo vs. Indicativo (presente)
Tiempos progresivos
Voc-adj de moda
Voc-adjetivos físicos
Voc-comida A
Voc-comida B
Voc-Medio ambiente A
Voc-Medio ambiente B
Voc-Travel phrases
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