trotta Mr. T.
Garrisonville Elementary School 4th Grade Teacher/Jabonie
***Getting Back Into Fourth Gear ***           
          ***Back into the swing of things... AGAIN***
Welp, the new year is here, and along with it, all of the aspirations to meet the kids' new year's goals.  I'm sure they'll do fine, and they have the past couple of weeks that we've actually had school, but with another long layoff due to the inclement weather, it'll be like coming back from the Christmas holiday again...  In other words, we need to kick it back into the "work mode", and get the job done!  Parents:  please be extra supportive of the children over the next couple of weeks.  Kids:  get ready to roll on with learning!!! 
          ***THANKS AGAIN...  WHAT A TEAM!!!***
       On yet another positive note, my utmost gratitude to all of those who attended the spaghetti dinner in January.  Thanks a bunch folks;  as you well know, our school would not be the best in the county without your help and attendance at such functions.

                ***THIS SIX WEEK"S WEB-JABONIE***
         Congratulations to Lizzie Kuckuk as this month's 'Web-Jabonie'.  Lizzie has exceled to the top of the class in more than one way, including;  work-ethic, character, self-confidence, and and a grade-A sense of humor!!!  An excellent helper, participator, and all around influence to others, Lizzie has earned her recognition on our class page!!!  Way to go kiddo!

            ***  ECONOMICS IN OUR CLASSROOM  ***
         Subject to approval by Mrs. Kahle, our class may be having a bake-sale to help teach the children the concepts we'll be studying in economics.  We will ask for your help again to send in baked goods, only this time, we'll try to reimburse everyone at least a portion of the $$$ it may cost you for materials (as our total costs), and hopefully will be able to vote on and use the total profits for a purpose to be selected by the students in class.  It will make for any easy way to show the children many higher level concepts like supply/demand, opportunity costs, and etc...  Please expect further info to come home about this in the near future, ie.,  if we'll have this motivating learning activity approved from the chief.  Thanks in advance for all of your help!!!
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