trworldhistory Mr. Radke
St. Pius X High School World History Teacher
This is a place for my students to go to practice World History.
We are starting a unit on the Roman Empire.

W. History
Ch. 6&7 Roman Empire
Construction Project (25 pts)
Mr. Radke

Name______________________ Period_______ Date__________

You and a partner of your choice will research and construct one of ancient Rome’s architectural achievements.  You will write a one page paper explaining what you constructed, and how the Roman’s used it in their daily life.  I want to see a working model of your topic, and explain it in a 3-5 min. presentation.  The competition, is to see who can build the best working model!!!  Good luck!

Topics include:
1. Colosseum
2. Circus Maximus
3. Aqueduct
4. Forum
5. Other (ask me)

What you will be graded on:

Paper (5pts) _______
-made out of
-how built,who
-why built

Model (10pts) _______

Creativity (5pts) _______
-extra effort
-enough to get by
-out do everyone else

Presentation (5pts) _______
-working model
-knowledge of model

Total      _______/25
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