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Ha, so now you have come to see the final conclusion of Tsett's rather frightening quiz homepage.  Yes, this will be the last one written as Quia will start charging me for their services on February 25 (my birthday, nonetheless).  So, savor it.  This is it.  And if you haven't been here before, you can attempt the other quizes, although I can't promise you'll know the answers.  Can't promise that I still remember them either.  Well, have a look around.  Browse as you please.

Oh, at the bottom of this message is a rather lengthy dedication that I shall now add to up here. . .

*Miss Maki, because she likes me. (And is not a member of either HMO.)

*Ingrid and Katherine, my heros in poker (and real life . . . umm, yeah.)

*Odd odors that give time to come home and write this sh, I mean, crap.  (This is a clean page. If you intend to dirty it, read my left hand.)

*HAMS, you all rock my world.

*Andy, who doesn't realize the score is really 1 (me)-2 (him)~ trust me, I want the lower score in this game.

*Chocolate- nuff said

*Mint skittles~ five different spearmint flavors, so wrong, yet tasty.


Okay, so you decided that you have a couple minutes to waste . . . or procrastinate.  See, I knew it was worthwhile  creating this quiz.  Well have fun. Oh, go to junior sem 1. And the old ones are somewhat amusing too.


Hi fellow friends of Tsett! Hi Tsett!  Tsett forgot to log out, so when I came to edit my website, I can edit hers as much as I like. So being on the kind side of things, I am only writing this little note to bug Tsett, and teach her to log out in the future!


Well, by popular demand, there is a new quiz.  After the rave reviews I recieved (from one person)I have added a new quiz.  Hope it entertains you as much as the last!


Well, now you have all come. Prepared to be scared and amazed by the depth of confusion of my mind.

Oh, I had five hits.  None of them were yours, I think, cuz I haven't told anyone about this site.  Haha, my evil plan is working.  J/K! ;-)

If you are a person that has no idea who I am and randomly surfed on here and are wondering what the heck this person named Tsett is rambling about, I'm not going to explain it to you.  Actually, I'd recommend leaving because you won't understand anything on this page.  Don't waste your time.  Trust me, you don't want to know!

Tyler "poof!" to you too. Also consider yourself "bonked." And Smee, consider yourself mocked - you know I'm right.  So you must be WRONG!  Idiot, put down the nuke. Noooo, not on my house . . . Nicha, Jenny-o, and Nellie, we LOVE OPUS!  Just remember that!  Ingred, Laila, and Emilie - we LOVE math, right? :-)Everyone else, including Jennifer, - Hey!

This font is Lemmon Chiffon colored on a Salmon background.  What is with the food names for colors?

Now, if you were a random person that surfed on, WHY THE HECK ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? I told you that you'd want to quit back there.

Anyways, this site is dedicated to . . .

*the people picking the new Virginian state anthem.

*the burger flippers at McDonalds who think they have a good future in front of them.

*the people who think that Nicha is a good therapist. It gives me shivers.

*Gush and Bore.  May the best candidate win.

*the people who still enjoy german class. (What? I wasn't implying you, Smee.)

*Segner.  For giving me a reason to waste time on this site.

*the people that make the little plastic tripods that go in the middle of the delivery pizzas.

*the deluded commies. (Not pointing fingers at anyone, Benson!)

*the people who designed MV and all the bomb shelters that go along with it. And then herd us into the football field when obviouly that's where a bomb is most likely to be.  In the words of Tyler, it's not like I'm bitter or anything.

*the Swingline company, the people that make staplers.

*the voices in my big toe.

*my orange panda bear that went back to china.

*the people that randomly surfed on and are still reading this. GO AWAY ALREADY!
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