tsgeometry Mr. Taliaferro
Commonwealth Academy Geometry instructor
the cone, you will use only one-half of the circle (180 degrees), so the circumference of the cone is only one-half of that of the circle.  So the C of the cone is 1/2 times 16 pi and that = 8 pi.  When you have finished these constructions, study pp. 316-319 and do 1, p. 317 and 3, p. 318 at home.
Wed., 03/07/01 either in class or at home do Fig. 2 and Fig. 3, p.319.  Also, do 1-3, 5-8, p. 319 (#7 is the     Mon., 03/26/01: Study pp. 324-327; do 12, 13, p. 325, 1-3, Tues., 03/27/01: Do 6-10, p. 327. In both this assignment and the one dated 03/26/01 use the appropiate one of the two formulas V=bh or V=(pi)r(squared)h, where b is the AREA of the base of the figure and h is the "height."  formulas for the areas of the various kinds of bases can be found on p. 670.  Hint: divide any 60-60-60 eqilateral trianles into TWO 30-60-90 degree triangles and use the length of side ratios of s, 2s and s(suare root of 3), to calculate the height of the triangle. Then, using the base of the 60-60-60 triangle, compute its area.  When you have to find the area of a hexagon, draw it such a way that it is made up of SIX 60-60-60 degree triangles, compute the area of one of these triangles and multiply by 6.

Wed., O5/02/01: Do 4-8, p. 416.
Thurs., 05/03/01: Do 22, 23, p.418; 27-29, p. 419.
Fri., 05/04/01: Do 2-7, p. 422.
Mon., 05/07/01; Do 1-6, p. 425; Study p. 426 and note where it tells about CPCTC = Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent.
Tues., 05/08/01: Do 1-6, 429; #9, p. 430.  Make sure you answer 9 a, b, c, d, e, f on p. 430.  For 9a, since the book gives you the information written the the first column, you wtite "Given."
Fri., 05/11/01: Do 3-8, p. 451.
Mon., 05/14/01: Classwork: 1-5, p.457. Homework: Do 6-8, p. 457; 9-10, p. 458.
Tues., 05/15/01: Do 1-5, p. 465. Also, on Wed., May 16, you will have a TEST on parallel line theorems; SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, Hyp. Leg Triangle congruence; and parallelogram theorems!

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