tuckerhomework7 Mr.Tucker
Glasgow Middle School Social Studies Teacher
7th Grade History Homework:
2/15-18 Friday/Monday
Prepare for Spanish-American War Quiz

2/8-11 Friday/Monday
Read pages 640-644. Answer Questions #3 and #5.

1/23-24 Wednesday/Thursday
Look for a MODERN MUCKRAKER. Search the Internet, Newspaper, or TV. Find an example of a modern example of what the MuckRakers did. Print the story out, cut it out, or write a paragraph summary of the story from TV.
Write a paragraph explaining how your story is like a modern muckraker.

1/22-23 Tuesday/Wednesday
Answer the following questions:
1. How did these political reforms (Civil Service, Initiative, Referendum, Recall) make America a fairer place?
2. How did these reforms give the power back to the people?

1/15-16 Tuesday/Wednesday
Read p. 566-569
Answer question 3 & 5. AT least a paragraph for each!

1/14-15 Monday/Tuesday
Begin Progressive Movements. Finish Union SIgn we started in class. Remember to include:
* Your demands
* Your Union
* Your Symbol
* What you WON'T do during your stike

1/10-11 Thursday/Friday
INDUSTRIALIZATION TEST. Begin Progressive Unit to follow - no homework.

1/8-9 Tuesday/Wednesday
Study for INDUSTRIALIZATION TEST for next class period

1/7-8 Monday/Tuesday
Write at least a one paragraph response to this question:
How did Industrialization change life in the countryside?

1/2-3 Thursday/Friday
Create an ACROSTIC poem for the word MONOPOLY (Write the word MONOPOLY vertically down the page, 1 letter for each line. Starting a sentence with that letter, write a sentence about Monopolies.)

12/19 Tuesday/Wednesday:
Finish 2-sided poems about Laissez-Faire (factory owners vs. Factory worker
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