tuckerhomework8 Mr.Tucker
Glasgow Middle School Social Studies Teacher
8th Grade Civics Homework:
Friday, February 15th
From the article we read in class, make a graphic representation (PICTURE!) of what is happening. If you have lost the article, you can find it again at:

Wednesday, February 13th
Complete "How a Bill becomes a Law" drawing by Friday

Friday, February 8th
After reading pages 227-231 answer questions #1, 2, 5.

Wednesday, February 6th
Complete work on How a Bill Becomes a Law Poster we started in class.

Thursday, January 17th

Tuesday, Jaunary 15th
Complete the second side of the Executive Department worksheet. Explain what each department's responsibility is and create a symbol or crest representing that in the circle next to it.

Friday, January 11th
Good work on the roles of the Presidency and methods the President uses to influence legislation. Touch up Role drawings, otherwise no homework. Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, January 10th
Complete drawings of one of the roles of the President that we started in class. Remember to take care and effort in creating your drawings. **Also, remember to list the actions that this particular role of the President takes on the back of the page**

Tuesday, January 8th
SOL Prep testing all class period - no homework

Friday, January 4, 2002
Make sure to demonstrate an understanding of how Presidents choose Vice-Presidents!
Write 2 paragraphs. The first paragraph will explain how Bush/Cheney complement each other and make a "Balanced Ticket". The second paragraph should explain the same about Clinton/Gore. (This paragraph can have more guesses and intuitive responses)

Thursday, January 3, 2002
Write a newspaper article of 3 paragraphs. You are writing to someone that knows nothing of the American system of government. Make sure to include and EXPLAIN:
1. The Electoral College system(how are the # decided, how do they count?)
2.The popular vote results (make sure to explain the difference)
3. Is there a difference between Popular and ELectoral vote winners?
4. Say what states were won to total at least 270 Electoral Votes.

Dec. 19-
Study for Structure of Government Quiz (on Wednesday)
*National,State, Local
*3 Branches and functions
*enumerated, reserved, concurrent powe
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