tuckerrm104 Mrs.Donahue
Tucker School Grade 2

Dear Parents,

Homework assignments will be given Monday through Thursday.  Assignments should take 30-45 minutes.  In addition your child should read 20 minutes every night.  This can be done independently or you can read aloud with your child.  Reading calendars need to be signed by you and returned to school at the end of the month.  Children will be given tickets for the returned calendars.  When your child has earned ten tickets for various behaviors a prize may be chosen.

Spelling is assigned weekly.  An assignment sheet will be given to the children on Monday.  Sentences will be written each night.  Tuesday there will be phonics asssigned coordinated with the Open Court reading program.Wednesday math will center on problem solving strategies.  Thursday the children should study for the spelling test.In addition there may be assignments concerned with current studies in Science and Social Studies. Children should study and review addition and subtraction number facts.  Math flash cards are helpful.

What's the matter?  This month we will be exploring matter.  There will be lots of experimenting and group projects.  The children will be asking you to do some activities at home.  Get ready!
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