tuckerroom104 Mrs.Caccamo
Tucker School  
Dear Parents,

Homework assignments will be given Monday through Thursday.  The assignment should take approximately 30-45 minutes.All assignments will be written on a homework board at the front of the room. In addition, your child should be reading approximately 20-30 minutes. Your child will be given a blank calendar so he/she can fill in the amount that was read.  If your child brings it in at the end of the month, signed by you, your child will receive an award.

On Monday, the homework will be the spelling words for the week. Your child will be expected to put them into sentences. On Tuesday, the homework will be a reinforcement of the phonics from the Open Court reading series.  On Wednesday, the homework will be a Math problem solving worksheet.  On Thursday, your child will be expected to study the spelling words for the test on Friday. Periodically, your child may be given homework in Social Studies and Science that may reinforce the current curriculum being taught in the classroom.  It is encouraged that your child reviews their Math fact flash cards every night.
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