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Fairview Veterans Memorial Middle School Language Arts Grade 7 Jaquars
Hi Everyone!! Welcome to my website! I'm glad you stopped by. Please try the games I have created. I have added  new games to play with the spelling words from  this week's lesson. The words are fairly difficult  so it is very important to be prepared.                                   Make sure you do all your homework this week.  I noticed that there are a few of you who have skipped some assignments.  If you don't turn in your homework I will be giving you lunch time detentions! I really rather not!!                                                            I hope you are enjoying reading The Outsiders.It certainly is a book I enjoy teaching.  This week we will be using our journals. It will be very important that you bring them to class every single day.  We will be using them in both reading and English. Also, don"t forget to read your mystery. It will be due in about 3 weeks. If you have come into this site and have read this letter, I want you to come up to me and say that you read my letter.  I will then give you a bonus of 5 points on your spelling test this Friday.    See you soon.                         Mrs. Turban       
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