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Turf Maintenance Equipment Safety

The Toro Company cares about your safety. Make sure you read and understand the Operator’s Manual and watch the Operator Training Video if available for your machine before operating or servicing it. Become familiar with all safety signs (decals) on the machine.

  • Select the Toro Publications and Training link under Useful links below to learn more about operator training and other education materials.

  • Select the Quiz session link under Quia! activities below and test your turf equipment safety knowledge. NOTE: The Session Name is "turf equip safety".

If you score 80% or above on the quiz, The Toro Company will mail you a Certificate indicating successful completion of this course.

To Receive Your Certificate:
Send an e-mail message, using the "Send e-mail to Brad" link above, with your full name, complete mailing address, and the class name (Turf Equipment Safety). Make sure you use your (real) full name when logging in to your quiz session so we can match your test score to the e-mail message.

NOTE: If the computer you are using cannot send e-mail, you may use another computer and send the e-mail message to brad.beck@toro.com
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