turnblade7sci Ms. Turnblade
Virgil MS Science 7 teacher, biology/ health
Students should have already:
--Found a minimum of two resources
--Have a page for each resource with:
-----Notes (ideas from the book in your own words)
Next Wednesday the following is due:
Rough draft with evidence of initial editing
Bibliography page
The research paper is to be two pages, approximately 500 words. It is to be 5 paragraphs: Introduction, 1 paragraph with introduction, Body, 3 paragraphs with annotation, and Conclusion, one paragraph stating the point of the paper.

The following pages should be currently finished and waiting to turn in. Turn in date should be around March 1.
CW: Introduction
CW: Protiens
HW: Vitamins
CW: Vitamins
CW: Balanced Diet

The following should be signed and turned in: Emotional Health Test and Emotional Health Gradesheet.




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