tutkowski Ms. Tut
Waukesha North High Dept. of English
WELCOME from Ms. Tut!
   Current Teaching Assignments:
     Hour 1:  Study Hall -9th/10th Grade (Room 306)-Sem.1
              Career and College Composition-Sem.2
     Hour 2:  Prep.  I'm available for help!
     Hour 3:  Life Themes in Literature (12th grade)
     Hour 4:  Honors Eleven (British Lit)
     Hour 5:  English 9
     Hour 6:  English 9
     Hour 7:  Prep.  I'm available for help!
     Hour 8:  Career and College Composition (12th grade)

   All classes are in room 904 except study hall.
   My desk in the English Dept. Office is right next door.

   I am also often available before and after school.

   Voice Mail: (262) 970-3661

   Homework Policy:
        Use ink or type.
        Use presentable paper.
        Turned in late = grade goes down for
             each day late OR bring signed note
             from parent/guardian explaining delay. 

        Find out some personal info about K.Tut, the Polish
   English teacher with the famous Egyptian name.  Just
   click on the "Truth About K.Tut" word search link below.
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