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Dear Students and Parents,
   We are near the end of our first six weeks, whew!  We have learned alot, and sometimes I feel like we've been in school for more than six weeks.  Beginning next week I will only check assignment books for signatures on Monday mornings.  Here's some news about our class.

READING/WRITING:  We have started our Junior Great Books program and it is going well.  We read a story that brought back Kindergarten memories.  The name of the story was "Charles".  We are doing some writing activities in a workbook that the school bought for each of us, so far everyone is doing well.  Our next story is "Ghost Cat."

SPELLING:  On Monday September 18, we will begin lesson #7.  We have had several students get 100's on the Monday pre-test.  Way to go! 

ENGLISH:  We are finished with nouns, well almost.  We are going to do our final test on Tuesday, September 19 ** STUDY please.

MATH:  We have finished Chapter Two, now we are going back to Chapter One - no you are not crazy - I did say One.  Chapter One is Graphing and is only a week or two long, then we will start Chapter Three - Multiplication of whole number and decimals.  Math seems to be our strongest subject - I am thankful for that.

SCIENCE:  What can I say...we have certainly learned alot about cells and the human systems.  Science is challenging for everyone this year, even the teachers.  Remember, when you are working on your assignments to take your time and read the lessons carefully.  The answers are in your lessons, but you need to work at finding them.  The answers are also given in class discussions - pay attention!

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We have our first Social Studies test on Tuesday September 19.  It will be on Chapter 3.  Watch for something exciting to happen in October to help us learn more about the native North Americans.

     Please keep writing in your journal.  Do this activity daily and it won't be impossible to accomplish.  You do have classtime to work on this, use it wisely.

     Responsiblity and Accountability continue to be our overall goal at this point.  Use your classtime to work on your assignments and keep work in assigned folders and binders. 

     Our class likes to talk.  I love to talk, too.  However we do have work to do.  Remember, during work times if you have a question, please see me and leave those around you alone to do their work. 

    Parents, on the fourth Wednesday of every month you are welcome to eat lunch with us in the classroom.  At that time you can see what we have been doing during that month.
    Have a great week and keep smiling!  Work smarter, not harder!
                            Mrs. Tyson

    Place all unfinished papers and your assignment book in your homework folder.  Place all completed papers in the right pocket of the folder. Don't wait until papers are stacked up to put them away, stay on top of it.  Next week I will be checking your binders for this six weeks papers.
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