ubspanish Andres Rafael Arroyo
State University of New York at Buffalo SPA 171 / 104 F / 104 G
SPA 171

Those taking 171 should note that you can buy the textbook, "La lengua que heredamos" {4th Edition} for [at least] $5-10 off of what they want for it at the UB bookstore at or

I have posted this beforehand because you will need your textbook by the second class session.

You may only use the 4th Edition of this text, even though I am aware that there are other editions available for purchase. This will ensure that everyone will follow the text together: since in other editions some of the pages may differ in both format and numbering.

SPA 104

Make sure that a student audio tape is included when you buy your textbooks from the UB bookstore.  Sections of your homework assignments will require the use of the audio tape.

SPA 104 students are required to have a Spanish/English dictionary.  Larousse perferably.
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