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  Library Media Specialist
Media Madness December 2000 PCMS Fundraiser Together the Tech-Ez (computer club) and Community Service club are undertaking a very beneficial fundraiser for PCMS. This fundraiser involves collecting used ink/toner cartridges, sending them into the ETCEP program in exchange for points. Then we can redeem these points for technology equipment such as computers, scanners, digital cameras, software, etc. What a great, free opportunity for our school. We will be contacting parents, and businesses to ask for their help as well. We will have collection boxes in the office, library, and eighth grade resource room. Please start to save any used ink or toner cartridges you have at school or at home. Thank you! Brown County Public Library Website Check for a resource in their collection at http://www.co.brown.wi.us/Library/index.html For directions on how to place holds over the web see the September newsletter! New die-cutters We're looking to purchase some die cutters to add to our collection. (These are the letters, numbers, and pictures you can cut out in seconds in the library). If you have any suggestions, please give them to me. I will order what I can now and save the other suggestions for later purchases. But I want to know more technology! With our schedule it is almost impossible to do quality technology training, yet there is so many great uses out there for you and for use in your classroom. As suggested by the technology committee, Jean and I will be offering technology workshops once every three weeks during your CPT time. Our first two are as follows: Using Equipment-day TBA We have some great equipment for you to use. Come to learn all about them and how to set them up in your room. Equipment includes digital video camera, scan-convertor boxes, digital projectors, Elmo, etc. SIRS, Worldbook, Groliers-day TBA All three are great resources to use and ones we pay to get access to. We would like to show you how to navigate through these sites so you'll feel comfortable using them with your students. Tech-Ez We now have a computer club called Tech-Ez. They are in the process of making a binder of basic equipment and software directions for you and students, a digital yearbook, starting a schoolwide fundraiser, and helping to create posters/ banners for teachers. Attached is a form for you to complete any time you want a poster or banner made. Please put it in my mailbox and the computer club students will complete it within 48 hours and return it to you. New Equipment! We now have a digital video camera available for use! You can record up to 60 seconds of video and import into Powerpoint! Training will be available at the staff development workshops. But I don't have time to find websites! Jean and I are here to help! If you ever need us to find websites for you just let us know. We will find good quality, safe sites for your students. New Materials Reference Eureka! Features 600 entries on scientific discoveries and inventions that have had a great impact the world. Parents Aren't Supposed to Like it: Rock and other Pop Musicians of the 1990s. Contains more than 135 biographical entries on the hottest bands and musicians of the 90s. People and Places. 6 volumes. Arranged alphabetically by place. Very easy to read and visually stimualting. Includes maps, good pictures, and fact boxes for each place. Profiles in American History. Science and Technology Breakthroughs Scientists: The Lives and Works of 150 Scientists. World Book Encyclopedia 2000 World Book Encyclopedia of Science World Book Student Discoverer Encyclopedia Videos Who Built the Pyramids? National Geographic. Saving Earth's Animals Space Exploration in the New Millenium Transportation in the Next Century Robots, Our Future Servants Safe and Secure in the 21st Century CD-ROM Encyclopedia of Science 2.0 (DK Eyewitness) Oregon Trail 3rd ed. Print Artist 4.0 (installed on mswrite1 in Writing Lab) Allows you to make banners, cards, posters, etc. A Thanksgiving Address-an Oneida Nation story Three Sisters-an Oneida Nation story Worksheet Magic (installed on mswrite1 in Writing Lab) Can easily and quickly create crossword puzzles, fill in the blank, mix and match, multiple choice, review sheet, scrambled sentences, scrambled words, secret code, synonym/antonym, and word search. Non-Fiction Follow the Dream: The Story of Christopher Columbus. First on the Moon. Pecos Bill: a tall tale A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln Jack and the BeanstalkThe Drop in My Drink
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