Samsel Upper Elementary School
¡Buenos días, alumnos! Espero que ustedes están bien.

I'm delighted to see most of you are receiving high grades.  Keep up the great work! If you aren't, please ask questions, and spend more time studying.  I'd like to see you all receive at least a B+/A for your marking period average.

Below this picture are a few review games and quizzes covering what you are currently studying, although you may be learning fewer or more vocabulary than used in each of these activities. These activities are meant to give you an idea of the topics you may want to spend additional time reviewing. 

After playing each of the games and taking the practice quizzes on this page--please play the Beat the Clock Practice Quiz at the very bottom of this page.

Then, you may wish to click on the profile page  (clock on top right corner,) and play more review games in each of the blue folders on the topic you choose.

You may also want to click on my home page at "My links," on the Quia main page (with clock in left corner to find out more.)
¡Buena suerte!
Señorita Pelican

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