General & CP English II
Union Local High School English - Room 106

Welcome to our classroom website!

Thanks for visiting our class site! Have fun sharpening your language arts skills and exploring the many links I've selected for you. Use the games and activities to review covered course material, prepare for the OGT, and preview upcoming content. Check back often for new links, activities, and potential extra credit opportunities. Most activities have been designed directly by me and specifically for my courses. If I discover a relevant activity that another teacher is willing to share, I will make that resource available to you as well.

Thank you for being a part of my classroom.

Ms. Frame

My Quia activities and quizzes
CP English II - Final Exam Review
Prepare for the exam!
General English II - Final Exam Review
Prepare for the final!
A borrowed grammar review created by another teacher.
Grammar Match-up
More grammar review courtesy of another author.
Master commonly confused words with this practice game.
Basic Literary Terms - (copy)
Review key literary terms.
Literary Terms
More great practice on important terms.
Useful links
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