le 14 septembre

Dear Travelers,

This is an update involving several miscellaneous points.

Remember to get your second payment to NETC immediately!

There is no tax on any of our fund raiser items.

(I’ve had two different people ask about this one.)  My wife is able to make hats that
say GMS or FES, if anyone else asks you.

We did have a special request for a “baby-size” order.  We can do that, too!

I do have some head warmers today.  Unfortunately there was not enough material to
make ten of them.  I have some available on a first-come, first-served basis.

My wife will get her next supply of material delivered in the middle of next week.
Please give me any orders you have so far tomorrow.  This will help us estimate how
much material to order.

If you get any additional orders over the weekend, please bring me that order form on
Monday morning.  You can then use your third order form next week.

We are officially back up to 11 travelers, thanks to Sarah Kuebler (and her parents)!
We still have room for more.  If you know anybody who’s thinking about joining us,
have them see me (or try to convince them yourself).

I think that’s all for now.  Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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