le 25 septembre

TO: All Travelers
FROM: Monsieur
RE: Letters to Cholet  (An update that’s not related to fund raising!)

I need all of you to write a letter.  This letter will be sent to Cholet.  With the help of these
letters, our friends at the Lycée Renaudeau will have an easier time determining with
whom you will live during our homestay.

In this letter you should:

Talk about yourself, your family, your interests, your hobbies, your pets, etc.  This is
the first step in a family getting to know about you, a person who will be a part of
their family for a week.  (Include any allergies/fears you might have which are worth
mentioning.  We wouldn’t want you to be placed in a house with cats if you are
allergic to cats, for example.)

Write the letter in English and in French.  This is an opportunity for you to practice
your French as well as an opportunity for the Choletais to practice their English.  
Hopefully they’ll be able to do the same when they write back.

Include a recent photo of yourself.

After we have established who your pen-pal (correspondant / correspondante) will be, it
would be great if you kept in touch with him / her throughout the months leading up to
June 11.  By the time you “move” into their homes, it would be nice if you feel like you
already know your hosts and they know you.

I would appreciate having these letters in the next week or so.  


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