March 8, 2001



I. Fund Raisers

Cookie Dough.  Do your best!  You keep the profits.
The items should arrive within 2 - 3 weeks after the ending date of
March 14.

Subs.  Sale will start on Thursday, March 8.  Details will be in a
separate letter. 

II. Paris to Cholet & Back

As you may recall, there were some variable expenses I mentioned
last year.  I did not have the exact  amounts at that time.  Two of those costs
were transoprtation between Paris and Cholet, and Tips for our Tour Director
and Bus Driver.  I talk about tips below.

Our friends in Cholet are arranging our transportation from Paris to Cholet
and back.  After we land in Paris, we will take the TGV from Paris to Cholet.  The
cost for your tickets will be 345 Francs each (approximately $50).  On Monday,
June 18, we will travel from Cholet to Paris by bus.  This will cost you 500
Francs (approximately $70).  (FYI, in 1998 the round trip cost between Paris and
Cholet was $180.)  I’ll be in touch with you soon to discuss more precise
amounts and when I’ll need to collect the money from you.

I asked why we weren’t taking the TGV back to Paris.  The reason they
gave does make sense.  If we took the TGV to Paris, we would need to find
transportation to the hotel, most likely the Metro.  Carrying all of our luggage
with us would make this difficult.  The bus will take us directly to our hotel.

III. After school meetings

I would like to schedule a few after school meetings between now
and June.  at these meetings we will (A) talk about the homestay portion of our
trip, what you can expect and what will be expected of you; (B) talk about the
places we will visit; and (C) work on our French conversational skills.  Be ready
to speak French!

IV. Tips

You will be asked to contribute towards the tips that we will pay to
our Tour Director (the NETC representative who will accompany us throughout
the tour portion of our trip) and our bus driver.  In the past, the amounts were:
$4 per traveller per day for the Tour Director, $3 per person per day for the bus
driver.  The total is $63 per person.  In the past we have received a contribution
from the French Club to help subsidize this cost.  This amount has yet to be
determined.  You will pay less than $63.  I should have a more definite answer in

V. Miscellaneous

Passports.  If you haven’t got yours yet you need to hurry.  Go to
the Erie Post Office (Griswold Plaza, near the train station) to get an application.
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