Automne 2001
Update: October 8, 2001

Dear Host Families,

I now have the new flight information for the Choletais. All flights are with Continental Airlines. Madame Bouvier cautions (and you’re probably not surprised) that since flights everywhere are being cancelled these days, there is the possibility that we’ll see changes.

Friday, October 19:

10:25 am (4:25 am Fairview time) Flight 81 leaves Paris (Charles de Gaulle).
12:25 pm (Fairview) Flight 81 arrives in Newark.
1:40 pm Flight 4096 leaves Newark.
3:15 pm Flight 4096 arrives in Buffalo.
6:00 pm Approximate arrival time at FHS. We’ll keep the reception brief since this’ll be dinner time.

Thursday, November 1:

8:00 am Bus leaves FHS for Buffalo.
1:10 pm Flight 137 leaves Buffalo.
2:30 pm Flight 137 arrives in Newark
5:10 pm Flight 80 leaves Newark.

Friday November 2:

6:20 am (12:20 am Farview) Flight 80 arrives in Paris.
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