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Stanley Elementary  
Hi!!!  DECEMBER 2001-

SCIENCE: (Mr. Matteson)  6th and 7th grade:
Experiment Completed:  FRIDAY 12/14/01
Conclusions/First Draft of report:  Due Thursday 12/20/01
Presentations of displays to class:  Monday 1/7/02
Taste Testing Day:  12/18/01 (in Science room)

LANGUAGE ARTS:  (Mrs Marcy)  7th grade:
Reading Novel-  Charles Dickens
7A:  Book Reports due:  (Mystery) 12/20/01

Christmas Dance* 12/14/01 6th and 7th grades only
7pm to 9pm in gym (bring 2.00$ to get in)

-Progress Reports go home 12/17/01
-Early Release 12/21/01 at 1:00pm  *Winter Vacation Begins*

Both Female rats in Mr.Mattesons Class had Babies!!
6th and 7th grade students are excited!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Hi!!! I hope you have lots of FUN playing my game
Have fun playing this SUPER game!!!!!!
scavenger hunt
Math Quiz
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