US History 1st Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District US History Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
Quiz USH 01-01 The Earliest Americans
Quiz USH 01-02The Peoples of Mesoamerica
Quiz USH 01-03 The Southwestern Peoples
Quiz USH 01-04 The Adena-Hopewell Mound Builders
Quiz USH 01-05 The Mississippi, Plains, and Northwest Civilizations
TEST 01-T The First Americans: Beginnings to 1400
Quiz USH 02-01 Ideas of Exploration Begin
Quiz USH 02-02 Other Exploration Begin
Quiz USH 02-03 England and France Start Colonies
TEST 02-T Exploration: 1400-1607
Quiz USH 03-01 The Jamestown Colony
Quiz USH 03-02 The Pilgrims and the Puritans
Quiz USH 03-03 English Colonies Grow in Number
Quiz USH 03-04 The Colonies Grow Larger
TEST 03-T English Colonies Are Established: 1607-1763
Quiz USH 04-01 Independent Trade in the Colonies
Quiz USH 04-02 Triangular Trade in the Colonies
Quiz USH 04-03 The Move Westward
Quiz USH 04-04 The French and Indian War Begins
Quiz USH 04-05 The War Ends
TEST USH 04-T A Struggle for Power: 1700-1763
Quiz USH 05-01 The Proclamation of 1763
Quiz USH 05-02 The Townshend Acts
Quiz USH 05-03 The East India Trading Company
Quiz USH 05-04 The First Continental Congress: 1774
TEST USH 05-T A New Nation Begins to Gow: 1763-1815
Quiz USH 06-01 Americans Respond
Quiz USH 06-02 Congress Takes Action
Quiz USH 06-03 Fighting Spreads
Quiz USH 06-04 The Revolutionary War
Quiz USH 06-05 The Turning Point of the War
Quiz USH 06-06 The British Are Defeated
TEST USH 06-T The American Revolution: 1775-1783
Quiz USH 07-01 A New Nation Faces Problems
Quiz USH 07-02 A Demand for Change
Quiz USH 07-03 A Need for a New Start
Quiz USH 07-04 The Great Compromise
Quiz USH 07-05 State Conventions Are Organized
TEST USH 07-T A Government Is Formed: 1783-1791
Quiz USH 08-01 Political Parties Develop: 1788-1809
Quiz USH 08-02 The Government's Progress
Quiz USH 08-03 Adams Becomes the Next President
Quiz USH 08-04 The Country Under New Direction
Quiz USH 08-05 Valuable Explorations
TEST USH 08-T Political Parties Develop: 1788-1809
Quiz USH 09-01 President Madison Takes Office
Quiz USH 09-02 The War Draws Closer
Quiz USH 09-03 The War of 1812
Quiz USH 09-04 The War Ends
TEST USH 09-T The Young Nation Goes to War: 1809-1815
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