US History 2nd Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District US History Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
Quiz USH 10-01 Westward Expansion
Quiz USH 10-02 The Era of Good Feelings
Quiz USH 10-03 More Problems With Europe
TEST USH 10-T A New Spirit of Expansion: 1816-1824
Quiz USH 11-01 An Unpopular President
Quiz USH 11-02 Growing Tension in the South
Quiz USH 11-03 Jackson's New Style of Government
Quiz USH 11-04 Texas Gains Independence From Mexico
Quiz USH 11-05 The Election of 1836
TEST USH 11-T Political Changes Take Place: 1825-1838
Quiz USH 12-01 Industries Develop Slowly
Quiz USH 12-02 Improving Transportation and Communication
Quiz USH 12-03 The Population Grows
Quiz USH 12-04 The Early System of Education
Quiz USH 12-05 American Literature Develops
TEST USH 12-T America Becomes More Democratic: 1825-1858
Quiz USH 13-01 The Election of 1840
Quiz USH 13-02 Ongoing Trouble With Mexico
Quiz USH 13-03 New Challenges in 1848
TEST USH 13-T The Country Grows Larger: 1841-1850
Quiz USH 14-01 The Debate Over Slavery
Quiz USH 14-02 Slavery Issues Continue
Quiz USH 14-03 The Kansas-Nebraska Act
TEST USH 14-T The Slavery Problem Grows: 1850-1854
Quiz USH 15-01 A Land Rush in Kansas
Quiz USH 15-02 Fighting in Congress
Quiz USH 15-03 The LincolnDouglas Debates
Quiz USH 15-04 The Election of 1860
TEST USH 15-T The Country Separates: 1854-1861
Quiz USH 16-01 The North Tries to Compromise
Quiz USH 16-02 Confederates Attack Fort Sumter
Quiz USH 16-03 The Civil War Begins
Quiz USH 16-04 The War Continues
Quiz USH 16-05 The Final Chapters of the War
TEST USH 16-T The Civil War: 1861-1865
Quiz USH 17-01 The Beginning of Reconstruction
Quiz USH 17-02 Johnson's Conflict With Congress
Quiz USH 17-03 Reshaping the South
Quiz USH 17-04 Reconstruction Ends
TEST USH 17-T Reconstruction 1865-1877
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