US History 3rd Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District US History Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
Quiz USH 18-01 The Great Plains
Quiz USH 18-02 Frontier Life
Quiz USH 18-03 The Plains Indians
Quiz USH 18-04 Congress Aids American Indians
TEST USH 18-T Settling the Western Frontier: 1862-1890
Quiz USH 19-01 The Nation Enters the Industrial Age
Quiz USH 19-02 Rockefeller and the Oil Industry
Quiz USH 19-03 Other Major U.S. Industries
TEST USH 19-T Becoming an Industrial Giant: 1870-1900
Quiz USH 20-01 American Cities Grow Rapidly
Quiz USH 20-02 Immigrant Problems and Discrimination
Quiz USH 20-03 City Living
Quiz USH 20-04 Problems of the Cities
TEST USH 20-T A Nation of Cities: 1882-1900
Quiz USH 21-01 The Gilded Age
Quiz USH 21-02 Reformers Challenge Political Practices
Quiz USH 21-03 Labor Unions Are Formed
Quiz USH 21-04 Reformers Start a Political Party
TEST USH 21-T A New Spirit of Reform: 1872-1897
Quiz USH 22-01 Problems With Spain
Quiz USH 22-02 The "Splendid Little War"
Quiz USH 22-03 The Nation Increases Its Power
Quiz USH 22-04 New Leadership for a New Century
Quiz USH 22-05 Roosevelt's Other Achievements
Quiz USH 22-06 "As Strong as a Bull Moose"
TEST USH 22-T America Becomes a World Power: 1898-1913
Quiz USH 23-01 "The War Begins in Europe"
Quiz USH 23-02 The United States Stays Neutral
Quiz USH 23-03 America Enters the Great War
Quiz USH 23-04 Wilson's Plan for a Permanent Peace
TEST USH 23-T World War I: 1913-120
Quiz USH 24-01 Americans Want to Return to Normal Times
Quiz USH 24-02 Society Changes: Fords, Flappers, and Radios
Quiz USH 24-03 The Spirit of the Jazz Age
Quiz USH 24-04 Social Problems in the 1920s
Quiz USH 24-05 American Confidence Rises and Falls
TEST USH 24-T The Roaring Twenties: 1920-1929
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