US History 4th Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District US History Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
Quiz USH 25-01 The Great Depression
Quiz USH 25-02 A New Deal for the Nation
Quiz USH 25-03 The New Deal Changes Government
Quiz USH 25-04 Leisure and Literature of the Depression
TEST USH 25-T Depression and the New Deal: 1930-1939
Quiz USH 26-01 Preparation for War
Quiz USH 26-02 Steps Toward a Second World War
Quiz USH 26-03 World War II Begins
Quiz USH 26-04 War in Asia
Quiz USH 26-05 The Home Front
Quiz USH 26-06 The War Ends
TEST USH 26-T World War II: 1939-1945
Quiz USH 27-01 The Search for Peace
Quiz USH 27-02 The Cold War Begins
Quiz USH 27-03 War in Korea
Quiz USH 27-04 Challenge and Change in the 1950s
TEST USH 27-T A Time of Challenge and Change: 1945-1957
Quiz USH 28-01 New Challenges
Quiz USH 28-02 Supporting Freedome Abroad
Quiz USH 28-03 Struggles at Home
Quiz USH 28-04 The Johnson Administration
Quiz USH 28-05 New Movements Try to Change America
Quiz USH 28-06 The Politics of Protest
TEST USH 28-T Support for Freedom:1958-1968
Quiz USH 29-01 A New Course for the Nation
Quiz USH 29-02 Nixon's Foreign Relations
Quiz USH 29-03 The Watergate Scandal
Quiz USH 29-04 The Ford Administration
Quiz USH 29-05 A New Voice, A New Leader
Quiz USH 29-06 International Problems Continue
TEST USH 29-T America in a Changing World: 1968-1980
Quiz USH 30-01 The Regan Presidency
Quiz USH 30-02 Regan Faces International Issues
Quiz USH 30-03 A New President Takes Office
TEST USH 30-T The 1980's: 1980-1989
Quiz USH 31-01 Communism Falls
Quiz USH 31-02 The Persian Gulf War
Quiz USH 31-03 The Clinton Administration
Quiz USH 31-04 Foreign Issues
Quiz USH 31-05 Problems and Changes at Home
Quiz USH 31-06 The New Millennium
TEST USH 31-T The 1990s: 1990-2000
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