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Prepare for Finals and get Extra Credit.
Take the CST tests and reviews.
First practice, then take the session tests!

How much time do I have for the Extra Credit?
Till Monday night, June 13th.
US History Final is on Tuesday, June 14th.

You should have finished these assignments first:
1) Not Without My Daughter Test (session)
2) Conflicts in the Middle East Test (session)
3) Iran Hostage Crisis Test (session)
4) 11.9.6 Middle East Policy (session)
     (Click on CST 9 in the "Useful Links" below.)
5) Watergate Scandal Test
My Quia activities and quizzes
Conflicts in the Middle East
Iran Hostage Crisis
Hangman: Israel-Arab Conflict
Matching: Israel-Arab Conflict
Watergate Scandal
Not Without My Daughter
Useful links
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