ushistorywee Mr. Huff
Bishop Watterson High School
Access the WEB pages listed below.  Pick a Wild West figure and write 1 paragraph ( ON A HALF SHEET OF PAPER) on them telling me,
1) 1 or 2 interesting facts about them
2) why are they interesting and why anyone should care
   about them.


follow the links as follows.
1. on metacrawler page type in american+west. search
2. on search page, american west, click on "American West
   A Presentation of History and Development of".
3. on American West page click on either,
    a. Gunslingers and Outlaws
    b. Western Pioneers, Frontiersmen, Mountain Men & Fur

Pick a person in one of the above catagories, read about them and write the paragraph following the above directions.
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